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Tips to Know When You Need a Windscreen Repair

Windscreens are imperative to driving. So, what do you do when a rock hits it driving down the road or some other type of damage occurs? Here are some tips to know when you need a windscreen repair to help make the process easier.


While it might not be against the rules to drive with a cracked windscreen in your state, there are other regulations that can affect you. You can be ticketed for driving with a cracked windscreen under the rule of driving in a dangerous condition. You will want to check with your specific state as to the exact rules about cracked or broken windscreens to make sure you stay within regulations.


When it comes to windscreen repairs, you have several choices. To start, you can have your windscreen replaced or repaired. Replacement will consist of a new glass being placed and adhered into position. Repairs will consist of a chemical compound injected into the damaged area. When this compound dries and solidifies, your crack will no longer be visible.

Other options you have in regards to repairs are whether you take your vehicle to a repair shop or you have a mobile repair company come to your vehicle. This will depend on the amount of damage you have for your windscreen repair and the laws in your state. Taking your car to a shop is like any other service visit. You can either wait on your vehicle or return when the work is completed. Mobile windscreen repair is a convenient alternative. With this service, the repairman will come to your location, make the repairs, and then be done.

Time Frame

The time frame for windscreen repairs will depend on the service. Generally, a repair by a mobile service will take about an hour once the technician has arrived at your location. Going to a repair shop will take about the same amount of time for the repair; however, you may have to wait in line for vehicles that arrived before you. You will want to ask the service provider before arriving so you will know if you need a ride or will be waiting on your car. After your windscreen has been repaired, it is recommended that you not drive your vehicle for about an hour, making the repair total time frame of about two hours from the time the repairs are started until you can be back on the road again.

Taking care of your windscreen repair needs can be a pain-free process. Just keep in mind your state's regulations, the type of repair you would like and the time frame to complete, and you will be ready to cruise the roads before you know it.